"Do you want the truth or something beautiful?"

"Just close your eyes and make belief
Do you want the truth or something beautiful
I am happy to decieve you..."

I don't have to close my eyes to se the beauty. Paloma Faith don't just make awesome music, she has one of the most amazing styles of any pop-star, no deceiving needed...

Check out Paloma Faith on Spotify ♥

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Vivid Vivienne

Although I don't always agree with Vivienne Westwoods whimsical style while putting together an outfit, I do, on the other hand, admire it, and a few years ago I would have loved it! The A/W 2010 collection from New York fashion week showed some key pieces that are quite wonderful and inspiring. And it seems like loads of inspiration comes from this years big Tim Burton flick.

This reminds me of the Mad Hatter, who is quite the style icon these
days, if you ask me.

Who wouldn't want a coat that shows off your tiny waist like that?

Again, Alice is ever present, looking at the headpiece that very
much resembles the Cheshire Cat.

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Pink powder

I'm in love... with a trench! Though it's price tag did put a cool on the romance with its' £1,595, I still can't get it out of my mind. Of course it's a Burberry, the whole S/S 2010 collection is as fresh and soft as a summers breeze and it just swept me away...

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minimarket for mini me

The three great minds behind this success story wanted to make fabulous fashion for petite women, the result is minimarket. Their 2009 collection was what initially caught my eye, it takes inspiration from the different worlds of fairy tales, movies, literature and the opera. Although I enjoyed their 09 collection more than this years I still love their work. Their playful designs combined with the concept of making beautiful clothes for we who don't have 1,5 meter long legs to brag about, is a total winner in my book! Besides they are campaigning to stop cruel and unnecessary hunting of sharks, ticks all my boxes!

The 09 campaign

Up close and oh so personal...

Save the sharks! (S/S 2010)

S/S 2010

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Vera Wang + the winter olympics = true

As I'm writing this I glance at the television from time to time, it's men's super combined the winter olympic games, one of the few sporting events I have ever enjoyed watching. So combining the winter olympics with fashion is, as far as I'm concerned, a match made in heaven. Vera Wang has created five pieces for the american figure-skater Evan Lysacek who won a gold medal this past thursday (18/2)! Fantastic!

Vera Wang and Evan Lysacek

The winning costume

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Faux fox and incredibly foxy...

Fur is comming back strong 2010 judging from what we have seen on New York fashion week. Which raises the inevitable question of wether to follow the fashionistas or brake the trend? Below I'll show you some of the most beautiful trends on the catwalk, old Hollywood glamour, chic biker chick, Russian inspired winter coats,  etc., unfortunately they all include fur. Of course braking this trend is the only option, though that doesn't mean we can't be inspired by it. Glamour isn't worth anything if pain and suffering is part of it. So be as glamourous you can be and chose the very pain free faux.

Oscar De La Renta A/W 2010

Oscar De La Renta A/W 2010

Vera Wang A/W 2010

Vera Wang A/W 2010

Thakoon A/W 2010

Michael Kors A/W 2010

Ralph Lauren A/W 2010

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That's so Posh

Victora Beckhams A/W 2010 collection impressed me a lot. The dresses are fabulous and they all have a very lovely Audrey-Hepburn-feel to them, which I absolutely adore since I absolutely adore her. Well done Posh, I like it!

The sunglasses give that perfect retro feeling, love them!

That exentuated waist is to die for, not to mention the nude heels
she is wearing.

Love the high waist

I want this cute LBD!

Lovely colour

Drama in all the right ways...

I'd wear this every day to work if I could...

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I <3 Choos

Oh, sweet spring
Pleas hurry up
I don't like these winter shoes
I need some warmth
And sunny weather
So I can wear my Jimmy Choos

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Hi, my name is Alice...

My favorite place in the world is dreams. I'm a hopeless dreamer and I love all fairy-tales. Which is why my heart broke when I heard about Alexander McQueens suicide. He was the perfect ringmaster of his fairy-tale circus and he made me tumble down the rabbit hole more than once. But this fairy-tale has no happy ending, instead it slaps you in the face hard and cold like a concrete floor, not only did he die, he did it on purpose. That's the danger of dreaming, I guess, even though you forget about it, reality is always lurking in the darkness waiting for the opportune moment to strike. But let us forget about that and raise our glasses to one last tumble...

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Deja vu..?

I'm so dissapointed with Diane Von Furstenbergs A/W 2010 collection. I must admit that I'm not an expert on the subject of her previous designs. Even so it feels like I've seen it all before (and not in a cool retro kind of way). It was just very ordinary and some times even bland. I fail to be impressed by day-to-day ware, I want to feel those ooohs and aaahs when the pieces come down the catwalk. Of course there were a few nice things with a lot of potential, but over all I'm just plain bored...

We have already sen the mix and match of different patterns, and
the whole ensemble is just ill-fitting, though I must say it looks pretty

This is really very sweet, but I actually have seen it before....

...yes thats right, a very dear friend of mine just bought it from
TopShop, oh what a steal!

This is a great example that mix and match doesn't always work,
how ever great the separate pieces are.

This ensemble does have real potential and it's really cute,
though I hate the colour combination, that pale yellow just doesn't
cut it for me.

A change of heart...

I can't help but falling in love with Zac Posen's red velvet suit, and the rest of the red velvet pieces in his collection, which is surpising considering I hate velvet.
Zac Posen, you have made me a believer! I <3 Velvet (a la Zac Posen, of course)

Just lovely and well tailored

I want this outfit!
I love this outfit, and I think I need it too...

...wouldn't mind owning this one either!

Ah, the perfect summerdress

To finish it all off I wanted to show you this litte cup-cake of a dress, oh so sweet!

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