This device might look completely useless at first, but it makes me happy so that must be some kind of purpose... =)

Money, money, money...

We believe it makes the world go round. And our lives revolve around it. Watch out for all the spinning, you might loose your head...
In a project where the money-flow suddenly stops and people don't get paid for their work, things tend to go pretty sour. And further and future cooperations are quite unlikely. Unfortunately for me, since my degree is depending on it... Fingers crossed it works out soon!

Soundtrack of my life

Music. Listen. Play. Enjoy. Kewl.

Movie time

This is a sweet short film my brother made, just wanted to share it with you guys... Enjoy!

Konichiwa Bitches

When I heard Robyn for the first time in the 90's I had only one song on my mind, and you could hear me humming "Do you really want me" all day long. I even cut my hair to look like hers. Though I still love her hair I have realized its just not for me, but her music is! Love it! Koniciwa bitches...

The wait is over...

I've had a lot on my mind lately and therefor I have kept you waiting, sorry about that! Personally, I can't stand waiting. Yet it feels like I'm always waiting for something, a call, a man, a job, spring! Oh yes, spring, it seems to finally be on its way. And as the snow slowly melts away as the sun shines through the clouds I get all bubbly inside. I don't know what to do with all this energy flowing through me. I want to run out on to a field and scream my lungs out, just like Ronja...
Here are some pictures to try to capture the way i feel about the change of season, a quiet change that makes all the differance in the world.

Back home...

I'm back from my little trip to Oslo, all I have to do now is prepare before the big meeting tomorrow. And what better way to do that than a night out on the town with my colleagues. We are gonna start with a few games of pool. So here is some inspiration for tonights outfit. Ah, it's gonna be golden!

Jenny Peckham A/W 2010

Paul Smith A/W 2010

Vera Wang A/W 2010

Missing New York

Being on the road made me realize how much I love it! The phrase "Home, sweet home" does not  compute... It also made me think about my last adventure, namely New York. How I miss that city!

"All I wanna do
Bang Bang Bang Bang
And take your money" and go back to NY!

A few videos that remind me of that trip and the city, enjoy!

Sorry Paloma, but I'd let New York take me away any time!

Listened to this a lot around the time we went to the city.

To you Dalia! <3<3<3♥♥♥


While I'm sitting at Arlanda airport waiting on my flight to Oslo looking out over the icy landscape I get all warm inside from the big "Z" that is the Moschino A/W 2010 collection. It reminds me of Guy Williams in a black cape and a cool summer night in the Mexican desert, very romantic according to me (age 8). I love the black gaucho hats and cowboy hats. Trivia: gaucho is what you could call the south american equivalent to the north american cowboy, so the combination makes perfect fashion-sense...

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