Deja vu..?

I'm so dissapointed with Diane Von Furstenbergs A/W 2010 collection. I must admit that I'm not an expert on the subject of her previous designs. Even so it feels like I've seen it all before (and not in a cool retro kind of way). It was just very ordinary and some times even bland. I fail to be impressed by day-to-day ware, I want to feel those ooohs and aaahs when the pieces come down the catwalk. Of course there were a few nice things with a lot of potential, but over all I'm just plain bored...

We have already sen the mix and match of different patterns, and
the whole ensemble is just ill-fitting, though I must say it looks pretty

This is really very sweet, but I actually have seen it before....

...yes thats right, a very dear friend of mine just bought it from
TopShop, oh what a steal!

This is a great example that mix and match doesn't always work,
how ever great the separate pieces are.

This ensemble does have real potential and it's really cute,
though I hate the colour combination, that pale yellow just doesn't
cut it for me.


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