Faux fox and incredibly foxy...

Fur is comming back strong 2010 judging from what we have seen on New York fashion week. Which raises the inevitable question of wether to follow the fashionistas or brake the trend? Below I'll show you some of the most beautiful trends on the catwalk, old Hollywood glamour, chic biker chick, Russian inspired winter coats,  etc., unfortunately they all include fur. Of course braking this trend is the only option, though that doesn't mean we can't be inspired by it. Glamour isn't worth anything if pain and suffering is part of it. So be as glamourous you can be and chose the very pain free faux.

Oscar De La Renta A/W 2010

Oscar De La Renta A/W 2010

Vera Wang A/W 2010

Vera Wang A/W 2010

Thakoon A/W 2010

Michael Kors A/W 2010

Ralph Lauren A/W 2010

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Posted by: Karin

Micheal Kors modellerna var tokigt snygga i sina outfits. Men bara fajk päls isåfall! Riktig päls är äcklig... jag har den senaste tiden fått en aha upplevelse gällande päls, det är mord... och vidrigt!


2010-02-21 @ 21:26:34
Posted by: GlamCam

Ja vet, det är snyggt. Men jag får andnöd när jag tänker på vad som ligger bakom...

2010-02-22 @ 15:59:05

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