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Beautiful people make me happy. It sounds very superficial but I think beautiful is a state of mind. Beauty can be some one beaming with positive energy. Unfortunately that kind of beauty doesn't transfer that easily to film, which is why (I believe) we depict things that look beautiful instead of things that are beautiful. On second thought, some thing that look beautiful shouldn't be discarded as phony because of its looks. And who is really the judge of what is what?

I've given this some thought, since I rely very much on what I see to affect my state of mind. Some listen to music, I look at pictures. When I'm down I get extremely creative and often paint or sketch which in some aspect can be considered beautiful. It's a cliché to talk about the tortured artist, but being misunderstood or frustrated over the world can make people rely on their own creativity as an outlet for their feelings. These outlets in turn can become beautiful things that affect other people in positive ways. Edgar Allan Poe, Frida Kahlo and Oscar Wilde are great examples of people who essentially turned their pain into something beautiful.

So maybe looking beautiful and actually being beautiful are intertwined so no one can see the difference, because there isn't one... Here are some pictures of beautiful people as the result of someones' creativity.

Posted by: Karin

Jag ÄLSKAR första fotot också!

2010-10-16 @ 19:08:06

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